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Among the Valiant
Mexican Americans in WWII and Korea
by Raul Morin

Updated 2013 Edition!


Introduction by Lyndon Johnson
Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Among the Valiant is a true hard-hitting saga of the Mexican American soldiers. The first full-length factual account ever written by a U.S.-born American of Mexican descent.

Not too many Americans are familiar with this slightly-known group who make up one of the largest minorities in the United States today.

The bravery and sacrifices of these mild-mannered sons of the U.S. Southwest and Mexico's borderlands is re-lived from the pen and prose, and from perosnal notes taken at the front lines by one of them.

Among the Valiant is a "must" for all persons who are interested in the historical annals of Spanish-speaking Americans.
Soft Cover
256 Pages
ISBN 0-9771783-2-3

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